Terraform workshop

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If you are interested in deployment automation for arbitrarily complex containerised microservice applications, this is for you!

To attend this workshop on October 2, you need a 2-day ticket to OpenInfra Days Nordics. On this day there will be a selection of 8 workshops to choose from. The event program is under construction with new workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions added continuously, check out the full event program.

Using Terraform to manage OpenStack and Kubernetes resources

In this workshop, you will:

You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of Terraform’s capabilities, enabling you to make an informed decision of whether Terraform is a suitable deployment automation facility for your organisation’s needs.
You don’t need any prior Terraform knowledge to attend this workshop.

There are no technical requirements other than internet connectivity, and a web browser. Preferably on a laptop, though a reasonably-sized tablet with a modern browser should work as well.

Your tutor

Florian Haas

Florian runs the Professional Services & Education BU at City Network, and help people learn to use, understand, and deploy OpenStack. He has worked exclusively with open source software since about 2002, and has been involved in OpenStack since early 2012. Florian co-founded hastexo, a professional services company specializing in OpenStack, Ceph, and Open edX. There he served as CEO and Principal Consultant until the company was acquired by City Network in October 2017. Florian has presented at several OpenStack Summits and numerous other conferences and meetups.

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