Announcing OpenStack Days Nordic Keynote speaker, Monty Taylor

Özgür Bal Speakers

We are so excited to announce Monty Taylor as our first keynote speaker for the upcoming OpenStack Days Nordic in Stockholm on the 22 of September.

We are thrilled to have Monty presenting at the OpenStack Days Nordic. He is closely attached to the OpenStack Foundation and one of the core developers which we are sure will inspire and motivate us all to succeed in our own projects and lift discussions to a whole new level both during and after the event. On top of that, he is also one of the largest OpenStack end users and that is something we really hope to hear more about at the event.


About Monty Taylor

Monty is a long time Free Software Hacker and a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. He is founder and currently a core team member of OpenStack Infra – which runs OpenStack’s massively scalable dev/test and CI system. Because of that, he’s one of the world’s largest OpenStack end users. You should never let him name projects, because if you do, you’ll end up with something like “jeepyb”. Before OpenStack he was a MySQL consultant and a core dev on the Drizzle fork of MySQL. Outside of technology, Monty has a degree in Theatre, lives in Brooklyn, and is an Associate Artist with Seattle’s Satori Group.


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