Call for speakers ends in 10 days – OpenStack Days Nordic

Özgür Bal Program

It’s only ten days left before we at OpenStack Days Nordic close down our call for speakers submission and let our program committee get to work. The task of the OpenStack Days Nordic Program Committee is to select and puzzle together a good mix of presentations for the day. The speakers that are accepted will be presented by the end of June, and we will then reveal the full agenda.

The tracks

For the first ever OpenStack Days Nordic we have chosen three fundamental tracks that we believe aims towards an up and coming OpenStack Community.

  • Knowledge & Awareness
    • We are not as deep into OpenStack in the Nordics as elsewhere in the world and believe we need to enlighten more people about the benefits of OpenStack. This track will host Business cases and examples to describe the “WHY” of OpenStack and how it can help drive business in our region.
  • Operations & Admin
    • This track will address the ones working with OpenStack on a regular basis. It is the “HOW” of OpenStack and will contain demos, examples, problem solving and similar topics to further educate an already enlightened crowd.
  • Development & Contribution
    • OpenStack consists of the community and relies on the contributions from thousands of developers around the world. This track aims to educate and show how we as a community can contribute for the benefit of OpenStack.

Your submission

Anyone is invited to submit their papers and you are allowed to submit as many as you want. We need your submission no later than June 17. Fill out this form to apply for a speaking slot.


Selection process

Who is better suited to put together an interesting program than the community itself?

For the OpenStack Days Nordic we decided to gather a program committee consisting of different companies in and around the OpenStack community to decide who gets to present at the open track-sessions. One of the reasons of we have a program committee is to not to worry about being too much in either direction. Needless to say; educational and interesting topics, problems and solutions will be favoured so we urge you to keep that in mind when sending in your application.