SUSE becomes OpenStack Days Nordic Partner

Özgür Bal Partners

Today we are excited to announce SUSE as the OpenStack Days Nordic Gold Partner. SUSE is a founding member and platinum sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and also the first to launch a commercially-supported OpenStack distribution based on the Essex OpenStack code release in 2012.

To further highlight SUSE’s strong support for OpenStack we got a quick chat with Carl Lindén, Account Executive at SUSE and discussed the company’s engagement in the upcoming OpenStack Days Nordic.


Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordics?

We decided to become partners as we believe it is a great opportunity to meet new customers and partners and talk about how SUSE can play an important part in the OpenStack community. That’s why we’re excited to be part of the first OpenStack Day in the Nordics!


What do you hope to get from the event?

We see the event as a great possibility to meet existing and new customers and partners, and also to showcase our solution and how we contribute to the OpenStack project.


What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?

OpenStack is an interesting development and during the SUSE Expert Days in Sweden, we noticed that there is a strong buzz in the community. So I believe that we will see a very rapid uptake in the Nordics for OpenStack and we are looking forward to supporting this development.


Tell us a bit more about how you are involved in OpenStack?

SUSE is a platinum member of the OpenStack foundation and one of the top contributors to the OpenStack community. The SUSE OpenStack Cloud installation framework provides fast and easy deployment and configuration for your OpenStack cloud and includes a web-based installation tool for improved user experience. Furthermore, SUSE focuses on multi-hypervisor support, giving our customers freedom of choice, and we’re also leading the way in increasing the availability of OpenStack.


How are you using OpenStack?

SUSE is a pioneer in open source software, providing reliable, interoperable Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity, and reduce costs. SUSE OpenStack Cloud is based on the Liberty release that integrates with our storage solution based on Ceph.


Final question, What do you love most about OpenStack?

The community and the people. It’s such a large community and there are so many different areas that one can contribute to.