Sandisk & Nexenta supports OpenStack Days Nordic

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Last up in our Sponsor spotlight series is Sandisk & Nexenta who both chose to partner with OpenStack Days Nordic. We asked Anders Blomberg from Sandisk and Rob Bloemendal from Nexenta about their thoughs before the big day.


Anders_Foto_Gordon Andersson.jpgAnders Blomberg, Sandisk

Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordic?
Sandisk is a contributor of Openstack in the senses of optimising flash to get better performance.

What do you hope to get from the event?
Learning and educating the Openstack community in different ways of architecting Open solutions

What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?
Great initiative an important to share experience and information in the community

How are you involved in OpenStack?
Responsible for the Nordic region in SanDisk to drive the awareness of Flash capabilities in relation to Openstack and CEPH

How are you using OpenStack?
Not using personally but have installed at DC at HQ and local Technician from SanDisk assisting locally in testing and deploying

What do you love most about OpenStack
The ability to build what you want and share that to community to learn from each other.



FotoRobRob Bloemendal, Nexenta

Why did you decide to become a partner to OpenStack Days Nordic?
OpenStack is being adopted more and more in the Nordics. Through our partnership, we can show the OpenStack community the key deliverables we provide for storage, which save the customer money and time restraints simultaneously.

Nordic companies are excited about OpenStack’s open source approach that prohibits vendor lock-in and delivers software-defined infrastructures, and these organizations are showing their excitement by adopting OpenStack more and more. As a partner to OpenStack Days Nordic, we will have the opportunity to talk with these forward-thinking companies about the benefits of open source-driven software-defined storage in their open-source cloud operating system infrastructures.


What do you hope to get from the event?
We hope to engage in customer conversations about OpenStack, and in particular, to explore the various challenges attendees have and the ways that software-defined storage can meet those challenges.


What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?
This is our first time sponsoring this event, so we greatly look forward to having the chance to learn from this community. We’re excited to hear about what’s unique to this region as well as to share applicable experiences from what we’ve learned by working with other OpenStack communities around the world. Additionally, the Nordic community seems to be recognizing and growing increasingly excited about the wide range of benefits OpenStack and Open Source-based technologies can provide, so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share in this growing excitement and continue building on their knowledge of these technologies further.


How are you involved in OpenStack?
The OpenStack Foundation has played a significant part in our product development from the beginning, and has been an important storage partner in the development of our products and continued innovation in open software-defined storage technologies. We continue to innovate by working with the foundation through its OpenStack continuous integration testing framework to validate the open source drivers in our products on an on-going basis.


How are you using OpenStack?
Our award-winning block and object storage platform, NexentaEdge, is the first software-only, scale-out, multi-service storage solution to deliver cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression, offering high-performance, simplified management of petabyte-scale repositories. NexentaEdge includes additional performance optimizations for all-flash and hybrid configurations, and it tightly integrates with the OpenStack ecosystem to simplify deployments in the OpenStack cloud. In addition to full iSCSI, NexentaEdge now supports native block device services, allowing hyperconverged OpenStack deployments to run Nova nodes directly on the NexentaEdge cluster.

Additionally, Nexenta’s flagship product NexentaStor has proven itself in implementations with OpenStack storage, delivering high-performance block storage appropriate for performance-sensitive scenarios such as database storage, expandable file systems, or access to raw block level storage. Nexenta block storage volumes are fully integrated into OpenStack compute resources and the OpenStack dashboard, so users can manage their various storage needs.


What do you love most about OpenStack?
While there a vast number of things we love about OpenStack, the main benefits we’ve found would be the successful integration into our various products, the ease of use, the openness and the flexibility which OpenStack provides. Additionally, we love that OpenStack enables organizations of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations, to set up inexpensive private or public cloud infrastructures to support rapid change and growth. The different modes and systems available through OpenStack – whether private or public cloud – mean there’s a use case for almost every type of organization. We fully embrace this because every day, we’re seeing how open source is revolutionizing enterprise storage through our customers’ success stories.