Nordic Frames returns to OpenStack Days Nordic as a media partner

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We enjoyed the event last year in Stockholm, capturing all keynotes and open tracks on camera while meeting interesting people. Our main business is commercial film-  and broadcast productions. It´s a big “niche”, very versatile and it has taken us to many exciting places.

For example, one week we can do a multi-camera webcast for an IT-company, connecting multiple offices for live seminars and the next week we are out on the north sea filming rescue missions with the Norwegian Coast Guard. After doing various productions for op5 we got a request to join the first edition of Nordic OpenStack Days and here we are again.

Philip Friberg Lennerhov & Sven-Gunnar Petersson, Nordic Frames

We are based in Karlskrona, Sweden, a city that breaths IT and Telecom so naturally a few of our clients come from those industries. As a result, we deliver all digital content and equipment for the Swedish Telecom Awards in Stockholm each year, it will be the 7th year in a row in February.

As in most industries technology is moving forward at rapid speed with new gear coming out every quarter. In this race we can´t jump on every new thing, we have to analyze what fits our workflows and customer demands. Filming in 4K is standard on a commercial piece but delivery is still in most cases in FullHD. VR is the next big thing, but not everyone is ready for it yet, we have ideas already that will bring savings to our clients marketing budgets, especially for exhibitions.

As technicians and digital creators we love coming up with new solutions and there is often a DIY hack to be made to reach a goal. The Open Source culture is not far away and we are looking forward to meeting you all at in Copenhagen this week.

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