Hammer Sponsors OpenStack Days Nordic

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Hammer is an award-winning, specialist value-add distributor. It has dedicated its more than 25-year history to data storage, servers and end-to-end IT solutions, offering a world-class portfolio of vendors. Hammer ensures its customers receive a technical, commercial and competitive business advantage, and has a commitment to satisfying ever-changing business needs, driving innovation and customer growth, and facilitating unique ways of adding value. Hammer’s in-depth knowledge of the market, and ability to provide market-leading and cost-effective solutions, mean that customers can benefit from not only first-class service but also a world-class, all-encompassing storage, server and software portfolio. Hammer prides itself on enabling customers to differentiate themselves from their competition with whitebox solutions. Scaling up or out independently as a business evolves has never been easier! Hammer creates purpose-built, complete solutions which are optimised and certified in its on-site integration center. All builds are fully supported, and it supplies some of the world’s largest system integrators, data centers and cloud service providers.

Tom Cox, General Manager for Whitebox Servers at Hammer

Hammer works closely with partners to help them win business through support services, integration, configuration, on-site maintenance, in-depth partner training, end-user visits, and partner go-to-market strategies. Whitebox is an element of IT which is growing exponentially – at a CAGR of 19.5% to 2020 according to analysts – and Hammer’s success in this market is undeniable; growing 46.2% since last year alone. Its technical abilities combined with its vendor relationships mean that Hammer has a multitude of ‘number one’ and ‘fastest-growing’ distributor titles to its name. Learn more at www.hammer-europe.com.

Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordic?
With a number of customers in the Nordic region already relying on Hammer’s server, storage and networking expertise to build and deploy large-scale OpenStack clouds, the OpenStack Days Nordics event provides a fantastic opportunity to meet with existing partners and hopefully offer some value to some new ones.

What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?
The Nordic countries are well-known for their innovative approach to technology and early adoption of open-source applications. With the region’s climate appealing heavily to hyperscale data center operators, who, in turn, invest heavily in people to operate and manage their huge cloud environments, it is no surprise that there is such a large contribution to the OpenStack community.

How are you involved in OpenStack?
Working with market-leading vendors such as Intel and Supermicro, Hammer design and build high-performance, cost-effective solutions that are optimised for compute and storage roles in OpenStack.

What do you love most about OpenStack?
The constant innovation, led by a wide number of contributors in the community.

Would you want to be a part of any other OpenStack event in another region?
Absolutely – we distribute across Europe, and have offices in Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium, as well as the Nordics; and our head office is in the UK.

What will the future bring us?
As the volume of data grows exponentially, the need to store it in a cost-effective, scalable, and responsive way has never been greater. Whitebox will continue to provide a compelling answer to the massive growth in resource consumption. Prime focus will be solutions which:

  • Have lower total cost of ownership.
  • Give greater flexibility and efficiency.
  • Are easily upgradable and scalable.
  • Reduce footprint.

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