Ericsson Sponsors OpenStack Days Nordic

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Chris Price is Ericsson’s OpenStack board representative, he has been working with OpenStack and related technologies for more than 5 years and currently works on open source technologies as head of Ericsson Software Technology.

Christopher Price, President at Ericsson Software Technology

Why did you decide to become an OpenStack Days Nordic partner?
As a Nordic-based, global tech company and a platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation, Ericsson is committed to the development of a collaborative ecosystem of OpenStack development and contribution in the Nordic region. The OpenStack Days Nordic event provides a fantastic venue for local companies to come together and harness the power of an open platform across all industries in the region.

What do you hope to get from the event?
We want to promote and support the use of OpenStack based technologies in the Scandinavian region.  Connecting, discussing and sharing with developers, regional partners and operators on the challenges and opportunities in providing scalable open infrastructure solutions using OpenStack.

What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?
OpenStack has been a key technology for virtualization technologies in the Nordics for many years now.  Now we are starting to see more and more companies leveraging OpenStack technologies and across a variety of industries.  The OpenStack Nordic community provides an ideal host for collaborative discussions and shared experiences for both experienced and emerging OpenStack users and contributors.

How is your company involved in OpenStack?
Ericsson is a platinum member of OpenStack and member of the board. We Have been a community contributor for many years and continue to develop and support the OpenStack project and ecosystem.

How are you using OpenStack?
We are using OpenStack as a key component of our NFVi product line.  We work with partners and customers across the ecosystem to bring OpenStack technologies to market supporting next-generation networking.

What do you love most about OpenStack?
The global OpenStack ecosystem.  The OpenStack community consists of a large global community of developers, integrators and users who all contribute to and share in the health and wealth of the OpenStack across industries. This drives innovation, automation, and the relevance of OpenStack for a variety of applications and users.

Have you been involved in other OpenStack events and what was your take away from them?
Ericsson has been involved in OpenStack events for many years now.  We always find them to provide an excellent venue for collaboration and discussion with a large like-minded community including partners, competitors and customers who are all invested in the success and progress of the community.

What is, in your opinion, the single best thing about OpenStack?
The global community, technology is always changing and evolving it is the community driving OpenStack that keeps it relevant for the current and emerging needs of an open infrastructure ecosystem.

Looking at the horizon, what do you think the future of OpenStack looks like?
The OpenStack community, supported by Ericsson, will continue to drive open infrastructure technology forward.  Bringing new initiatives like containers, edge technologies and emerging trends into the ecosystem as our overall technology landscape evolves.  We are excited to be a part of that journey and to be able to help shape the industry.


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