Canonical is Now a Sponsor of OpenStack Days Nordic 2017

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Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the leading Linux platform for cloud and container based computing. With Ubuntu, Canonical gives developers the freedom to innovate with highly scalable, cloud native and distributed open source technologies. With hundreds of employees in many countries, Canonical provides commercial services to companies deploying Ubuntu, OpenStack Kubernetes and many other open source technologies.

Mark Baker, Ubuntu Server and Cloud Product Strategy, OpenStack Board Member


Mark Baker is the OpenStack Product Manager at Canonical where he has spent the last 5+ years helping shape Ubuntu server and Ubuntu OpenStack. Previously Mark held positions at MySQL and Red Hat helping them disrupt billion dollar incumbent enterprise software companies and was also a Director on the OpenStack Board.

Why did you decide to become an OpenStack Days Nordic partner?
As a founder member of the OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack is core to our business. Through participation in OpenStack Nordics, we aim to help more companies take advantage of OpenStack in their business.

What do you hope to get from the event?
We want to be able to connect with developers and operators looking for ways to deliver highly automated, cost-effective, scalable infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?
It is great to see the community continuing to grow and high profile users such as Tele2 and CityCloud getting involved as prominent OpenStack users.

How is your company involved in OpenStack?
Canonical is a founding member of OpenStack and has held a seat on the board since the very beginning. We provide much of the infrastructure that is used to develop OpenStack and work at many levels in the OpenStack Community. Our initial focus in the early days was adding upstream code but in the last few years, we have been tackling the challenge of operations.

How are you using OpenStack?
We use OpenStack throughout our business for line of business applications and much of the infrastructure that Ubuntu and OpenStack are developed on. In addition, we support hundreds of OpenStack installations for customers around the world.

What do you love most about OpenStack?
The community. The innovation in OpenStack is phenomenal and it is now being delivered is ever more robust and supportable ways. This is largely thanks to the community of developers, operators and supporters that help deliver the platform every 6 months.

Have you been involved in other OpenStack events and what was your take away from them?
Canonical has participated in a great many OpenStack events including the Developer Summits, OpenStack Days and local meetups. Every event, large or small gives us a way to connect with the community and better understand how we can collaborate to meet the fast evolving infrastructure needs of organization. They are usually great fun too!

What is, in your opinion, the single best thing about OpenStack?
The community. There are always going to be technical challenges and with a common sense of purpose and committed community OpenStack will always find a way to overcome those challenges.

Looking at the horizon, what do you think the future of OpenStack looks like?
OpenStack is here to stay. Adoption continues to grow rapidly and adjacent technologies such as container orchestration platforms are being integrated into OpenStack. OpenStack is maturing which is how companies like Tele2 are able to run core telephone network services on it and OpenStack is becoming a part of
everyday infrastructure. A side effect of this is that it is no longer viewed as being the new, cool thing, however, the innovation and adoption continues to grow and looks likely to for many years to come.

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