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Avi Networks delivers converged application services including load balancing, application performance monitoring, predictive autoscaling, service discovery, API-driven automation, and security in a software-only platform. The platform overcomes the challenges of legacy hardware load balancers which don’t scale on demand, are expensive, and are ill-suited for modern distributed applications. Avi’s Elastic Application Services Fabric uses a software-defined architecture consisting of distributed application service engines managed by a central controller. Global 2000 enterprises use Avi Networks to lower TCO by more than 70%, troubleshoot applications in minutes, and deliver applications five times faster in private, public, and multi-cloud environments.

Frank Weyns
Poto: Mats van Soolingen


Frank Weyns is a pioneer in cloud computing and responsible for system engineering at Avi Networks for Northern Europe. He has 20 years of experience in enterprise open source and open technologies. The last 6 years he is focusing on Cloud infrastructures. He is a trusted advisor to the financial and telecom world. He loves to share his knowledge with lectures at universities and business schools.

Why did you decide to become an OpenStack Days Nordic partner?
Since Avi Networks is expanding its business in the EMEA Region, we thought sponsoring the OpenStack Nordic Days would be a great way to get our name out there.

What do you hope to get from the event?
Most of all new business of course, but creating awareness around Avi Networks and our services is also an important and main aspect of joining the event.

How is your company involved in OpenStack?
The Avi Vantage Platform solves the critical “last mile problem” that OpenStack implementations face when it comes to application services such as automated provisioning, load balancing, application analytics, and scalability. Avi Vantage delivers software-defined application services integrated natively with OpenStack components to deliver a fully orchestrated, self-service driven OpenStack implementation.

What do you love most about OpenStack?
Open source, open standards and open people in the communities.

Have you been involved in other OpenStack events and what was your take away from them?
Yes, we are involved and sponsoring worldwide in several OpenStack summits, days, and meetups.  We see a trend of OpenStack being part of the multi-cloud strategy with Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift and public clouds.

What is, in your opinion, the single best thing about OpenStack?
The community of dedicated people who are eager to discuss, move forward and solve issues.

Looking at the horizon, what do you think the future of OpenStack looks like?
OpenStack will be one of the standard building blocks in the “Next-Gen” Data centers.

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