Arista joins OpenStack Days Nordic

Özgür Bal Partners

Today we announce our third event sponsor as Arista joins OpenStack Days Nordic. Arista is an OpenStack Foundation Corporate Sponsor who is, not only empowering and promoting OpenStack but also an avid contributor to the development of OpenStack.

We spoke to Pedro Cutillas, Sales Director at Arista, about the company’s decision to join the event and their thoughts on it.


Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordic?

Arista has been one of the first networking vendors in support of Openstack and attended the Openstcak summit since Austin 2010,
pls see below list of development we have supported.

What do you hope to get from the event?

We have been invoved in Openstack for long time, and our hopes are to meeting with people interesting in Openstack adoption and help contribute to development

What are your thoughts on the Nordic OpenStack community?

-It’s still early days but we have seen some deployment and some more at scale deployment in resent months

How are you involved in OpenStack?

We have several engagements in OpenStack from different angles.

  • Part of the first Openstack summits since Austin 2010.
  • One of the earliest vendor to implement full CI (Continuous Integration) testing in Neutron but not only the first to implement it, we led the effort in helping other vendors to set their CI systems as well.
  • Co-chair ML2 Subcommittee in Neutron. This team is responsible for the integrity of L2 networking in neutron, the ML2 driver was originally developed by Arista, Arista ml2 driver is vendor specific. However the broader ML2 API that oversees all the individual drivers was originally developed by Arista then opened to the community.
  • Chair the sub team which developed the L2 Gateway project. L2 Gateway bridges VxLan based neutron networks with Legacy VLAN based networks. This essentially provides integration between the SW VTEP and HW VTEP
  • Architected and led the effort for Ironic-Neutron integration for multi-tenancy for bare metal deployments. This was a multi-project effort which involved agreements between Neutron, Nova, and Ironic teams. We chair this team which has implemented this solution. Here is a small demo of this – Here is the formal presentation that was made during Tokyo summit –
  • Engaged with and are working on integrating with Astara project (within Neutron) for the deployment of services (e.g. L3 routing)
  • We are beginning to engage with Manila (File System as a service) to drive Manila-Neutron integration for the multi-tenancy support for Manila.



Final question, what do you love most about OpenStack

The community feeling and ability to move techology forward in a non proprietary and open way, very much like the Arista philosophy