OpenInfra Days Nordics 2019 has been launched

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After weeks of re-branding the former OpenStack Days Nordic to OpenInfra Days Nordics, we are now ready to tell the world that the event has been launched!

This blog post will cover:

  • The name chance
  • Ticket deals
  • Call for papers
  • Sponsorship signing
  • Free exhibition opportunities
  • Joining the team

But first, some inspiration from last years event

The name changes

2018 marked the beginning of a new era as the OpenStack Foundation announced their full support to all adjacent open source communities dedicated to building and operating open infrastructure.

The Foundation changed the name of their community gathering to Open Infrastructure Summit, encouraging wide spread collaboration with communities such as Ansible, Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, ONAP, Open cSwitch, OPNFV, StarlingX, Zuul and more.

As a satellite event to the Open Infrastructure Summit, and as supporters of the new and improved mission, it is now our turn to head in the same direction. This is why we are officially changing the name of this event and extend a warm welcome to the entire Nordic open infrastructure community.

Let’s all help create, experience, learn and improve both our community and all of the open infra solutions and technologies we are dedicated to!

Ticket deals

As with many other aspects of this event, we have also changed the ticket deals. Gone are the various species of birds and instead we encourage early registration through a single set of discounts.

This deal is valid for the first 30 attendees and has no expiry date.

We keep 50 student tickets reserved until 2019-08-30.

Call for papers

Call for papers is open and as usual, we are relying on our fantastic community to help fill this event with great content. If you haven’t yet considered hosting a presentation, here is what you need to know:

Our attendees are eager to learn and explore new areas of open source infrastructure using OpenStack, Kubernetes, and 30+ other technologies. A good presentation free of sales content is the best and most valued presentation.

Sponsoring the event


Sponsoring the event is an opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to open source, meet with potential customers and partners, find new talent, demo new solutions and help contribute to the success of open source and open infrastructure in the Nordics.

Exhibit for free!

We came up with something new and we quite simply call it for what it is. The Southwest Community Corner.

We are determined to make this event an extraordinary meeting place for the Nordic open infrastructure community. This space serves to recognise all of the hard working community teams, charitable organisations and student projects in the open source space.

The actual Southwest corner of the marketplace will host a total of 8 charitable organisations, community project teams and student projects a chance to exhibit at the event for free!

These opportunities are applied for, in contrast to sponsorships which are sold on a first come – first served basis. Applications are then reviewed and approved by the advisory team. Exhibitors to the Southwest Community Corner will be selected continuously.

Join the team

Are you interested in helping out, either as an organiser or as member of the advisory board? We’d love to have you on board!


Join the organising team and take responsibility for one or more areas leading up to the event.


Join the advisory team and help us select the best content for the benefit of the community.


Follow our social media channels and help us spread the word about the event.

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